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Multigrad Capture - Full Control

Multigrad Capture is the logical core of Multigrad Studio. The software for your Mac controls the Multigrad Base platform, your camera, arranges and organises your photos, adjusts images and generates web-ready interactive 360 degree presentations within seconds. For an overview of usage, please see screenshots.

Camera capture control

Everything consolidated

Multigrad Capture combines all relevant functions for studio and 360-degree photography in one application: capture, photo organizer, image adjustment and export. No application switching required, one coherent user interface, no cumbersome file handling. You can focus on the one relevant thing: your photos.

Blazingly fast

Multigrad Capture assists you in working productively and efficiently. Its streamlined workflow and advanced technologies squeeze the best performance out of your computer: multicore support, multithreading, GPU computation and optimized device communication. In a nutshell: everything to prevent you from waiting.

RAW and TIFF support

Multigrad Capture supports all popular image formats: besides JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF, RAW image formats of most current DSLR cameras are supported, such as NEF, CRW and CR2. All included.

Batch processing

Multigrad Capture can simultaneously process and adjust series of images. Handy and fast. And essential for 360 degree photography. Multigrad Capture ensures consistency of all photos within one 360 degree view. Unless you want them different.

Full control

Multigrad Capture gives you comprehensive live control of all relevant capture settings: program mode, shutter, aperture, focus, white balance, image size and format, image compression, etc. At one glance. You prefer setting your camera directly? Fine!

The original

Image processing in Multigrad Capture is non-destructive. In other words: Your original photos remain unaltered. Thus, you can change adjustments as often as you want without losing fidelity. Your work is never lost.

System requirements