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Multigrad Base - the versatile rotation platform

Multigrad Base is an electronically controlled, motor-powered rotating platform. In combination with our controlling software Multigrad Capture, it allows fully automatic acquisition of 360 degree product photos.

Rock solid, no heavy metal

Multigrad Base

Multigrad Base can carry more than ten times of its own weight. This increases your freedom to shoot whatever you want, wherever you want: Multigrad Base can be carried with ease and stored conveniently. It is suitable for floor or table operation and can handle hanging loads.

Quick and reliable

At the heart of Multigrad Base, a high performance microcontroller controls rotation fast and precisely. This ensures perfectly smooth motion without blocking your computer. Multigrad Base is directly connected to your computer via USB. We believe that you have better use for your time than twiddling with interface adapters, studying computer science or worrying about problems. Talking about time: Multigrad Base needs less than a minute for a complete 360 degree capture with 16 photos, from capture to web-ready, zoomable presentation in your web browser.

More power, less dissipation, less heat:

Thanks to modern controller, driver and motor technology, energy is efficiently converted to motion, where it belongs. Less than 20 watts are sufficient to rotate 100 kilograms of payload reliably, quickly and precisely - for perfect results, a healthier environment and electricity bills. More than a side effect: consequent use of low voltages reduces health risks.

Versatile and extendable

Every object and every customer request is different. Multigrad Base adapts to your requirements. Easily mount custom accessoires or fixtures to the robust base plate in seconds. Cover plates in various surface finishes support different photo styles. A backlit stand enables shadow-free masks. Fixtures for large, small or hanging objects allow for photography of almost every product. And if there is no adequate accessory for your object, let us develop it together - challenge us!

Technical specifications

100 kg
More than 36000 steps per revolution
USB (Full speed, plug & play)
Nominal power:
15 W
Standby power:
< 0.5 W
ca. 4 rpm (speed and acceleration controllable by user)
32 Bit RISC real time controller, current-driven microstepping, bipolar DMOS driver
Aluminum, precision-lasered and -milled, anodized
450 x 450 x 84 mm (L x W x H)
5.5 kg
Included (Multigrad Base):
Microcontrolled rotating platform, power supply, USB cable, user manual, 2 x cover plate (60 cm diameter, glossy black / white)

Optional accessories