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The following samples show results of our production. All samples were created using Multigrad Studio. The collection is constantly being extended and revised.

ShoesEtnies deluxe

24 images, 3x zoom

Exercise machineExercise machine with function demo

49 images, 2x zoom

Buddha headStatue

36 images, 2.5x zoom

Sewing machineSewing machine

48 images, 2x zoom

Baby BuggyBaby Buggy

36 images, 3x zoom

Shoe 3DShoe 3D

Real 3D using a single camera! Requires red-green glasses. More info

4-in-1 PrinterOffice printer / copier

36 images, batch adjust, 2x zoom

HelicopterR/C helicopter

36 images, batch adjust, 3x zoom

High heelsHigh heels

36 images, batch adjust, 2.5x zoom

Coffee machineCoffee machine

36 images, manual touchup, 2x zoom

sports glassesSports glasses

48 images, batch adjust, 2.5x zoom

AngelPorcelain Angel Figurine

72 images, batch adjust, 3x zoom

ShoesSafety shoes

24 images, bottom light, 3x zoom, frontal perspective


48 images, semi-automatic adjustment, 2x zoom


36 images, 2.5x zoom


36 images, unadjusted, 3x zoom, natural reflection

Details: Real 3D

Multigrad enables real 3D stereoscopic visualisation. Your objects become even more than interactive, but explorable in spacial depth. All required information is computed in a custom image-based process. You only need your usual setup for Multigrad Studio, no second camera or other special hardware required. Nevertheless, unlike many other techniques, you get more than a postproduction effect, but real 3D.

The examples on this page use a display technique called Anaglyph imaging. For full 3D experience, color-coded glasses are recommended: Red left, cyan right. This color combination is currently most common. This technique works on web pages and with common computer displays at the expense of limited color reproduction. On request, we also support other 3D display techniques such as other anaglyph variants, active stereo using shutter glasses, passive stereo using polarizer filters or autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D. Contact us!