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Multigrad Player - one for all

Multigrad Player is the player solution for your 360ยบ product photos on the web. Try it!

Fun for everyone

In contrast to many other available players, Multigrad Player is fully compliant and based on web standards. Thus, it does not require any browser plug-ins on the client's machine. This means more than 99% client availability without installation, without security risks and without limitations: Internet as it should be. By the way, the same applies for the other end: Multigrad Player works on every web server.

The right thing for your needs

Multigrad Player dynamically adapts its appearance and interaction to the viewing context: It profits from advanced technologies of new browsers without wxcluding older ones. iPhone and iPad users benefit from multitouch interaction - everyone gets the best.

Lean and fast

Multigrad Player is optimized for reduced data transmission and short loading delays. This means less waiting time for your customers and lower web hosting bills for you.

Versatile and customizable

Multigrad Player can be flexibly adapted to existing design requirements. We gladly develop your custom design .